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Wednesday August 28th, starting at 4:15 pmVenue:  Room 1.3 Kakariki, Level 1, Aurora Conference Centre (MSD), 56 The TerraceNetworking:  Bethel Woods, Ground Floor, 73 The Terrace from 5:00 pm The AGM provides an update on the societies’ performance over the past year as well as providing the opportunity to new members and officers to stand for election to the GOVIS Committee. If you enjoyed GOVIS 2019 and would like to get involved in delivering amazing events, GOVIS needs you!...

July 16, 2019

GOVIS now on RocketSpark!

GOVIS has updated their website! The previous site was becoming hard to manage and was difficult to navigate and find the appropriate information. This new site is built using the platform provided by RocketSpark. RocketSpark have kindly agreed to sponsor this site so many thanks to them. If your organisation is looking for an easy to build and maintain website, consider the RocketSpark platform....

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