Navigating your career with SFIA

Tue, 9th July 2024, 12 - 1pm, MBIE Head Office, 15 Stout Street, Wellington

It's that time of year again, where we review the past 12 months and set our skills development objectives for the year to come. And spare a thought for those among us who are now of uncertain employment, and will be trying to communicate skills and experiences to potential employers...

There are a huge range of complicated job titles in the digital world, and they are constantly changing. At best, this makes it difficult to understand what key skills and capabilities you need for your career, and at worst it can make performance reviews with your manager a grueling experience.

So, wouldn't it be great if there was a comprehensive international framework that you could use to assess and communicate your skills?

The good news is that there is just such a framework! Skills for the Information Age (SFIA) is a tool that people can use to check the skills that they currently possess and how they can level up in their careers. Even better, DIA and MBIE have purchased a country license so that it is free to use for everyone in Aotearoa New Zealand.

But what is the strategic picture for the adoption of SFIA in this country? What can you be doing now to further your career in technology, information and data? And most importantly, can this make explaining your job to friends and family any easier?

Come along and learn from our excellent speakers:

  • Vic MacLennan is the CEO of IT Professionals New Zealand, and (among other things) is a member of the SFIA Global Council. She has been supporting work by DIA and MBIE to make SFIA available in New Zealand.

  • Professor Elizabeth Valentine is an expert in Digital Transformation Leadership Capabilities & Governance. She has been using SFIA to help her clients and students since 2016.

GOVIS thanks TTC Global for providing the catering for this event. TTC Global are great advocates for the professionalisation of testing in New Zealand.

Post-event resources:

  • Recording of the event on YouTube - see here

  • Presentation slides from Vic - see here

  • Presentation slides from Elizabeth - see here

  • Work by the Australian Public Service Commission to define SFIA skills profiles for around 200 Australian public service roles - see here

  • Research paper (June 2024): Digital Leadership Competencies for Digital Government: Insights and Implications from New Zealand Government Agencies - see here

  • Questions asked on Slido - see here