Conference 2023

GOVIS 2023 Digital Resilience

Friday 16 June 2023

Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa, Wellington

Early bird registration is now open - you can register online here.

This conference will look at how we can build digital public sector resilience in a global period of change and uncertainty. In just the last three years this country has faced many challenges - including major floods exacerbated by climate change, high inflation, a pandemic, reduced social cohesion, geopolitical tensions, supply chain issues, and cyber attacks. What do these challenges mean for working in the cloud, for designing digital services, and for protecting data? What can we do to foster institutional and personal resilience, so we can deliver for Aotearoa New Zealand?

Here are some topics you can expect to hear about at the conference:

  • National resilience. The recent National Security Long-Term Insights Briefing has illustrated a number of security challenges that we face - both geopolitical and domestic. What does this mean for delivering government digital services, and how can we respond?

  • Institutional resilience. Government agencies are expected to be free & frank, transparent, and effective - but this is not always the case. How can we foster the right sort of culture, and ensure it remains resilient?

  • Personal resilience. There is an increasing appreciation of the importance of recognising neurodiversity in the workplace, as well as acknowledging the mental health stresses that many people are under. How can we play to our strengths in the workplace, and develop mental resilience and wellbeing?

  • Cybersecurity. What are the most serious threats to government agencies, and how can we guard against them?

  • Incident response. In recent years (and days!) our country has been on the receiving end of several serious natural disasters, a major pandemic, and a terrorist attack. What can public servants do now to prepare ourselves for dealing with future incidents?

  • Resilience and sovereignty in the cloud. With several big multinational technology companies announcing their intentions to set up on-shore cloud services in New Zealand, what should we expect and what questions do we need to be asking?

Key dates for GOVIS 2023 Digital Resilience

Early bird registration opens                                13 March 2023
Presenters confirmed                                            March 2023
Programme released                                             Late March 2023
Early bird registration closes                                19 May 2023
Conference day                                                      16 June 2023