GOVIS Events - 2016

Lunchtime Forum - 5 December 2016 - Disrupting Development: Unless you ruffle some feathers, your requirements will be wrong!

After some earthquake-related disruption, we are rescheduling this forum.

Traditional mechanisms for specifying software changes have had their successes, but they've also been responsible for enormous overruns, delays and terrible quality. Yet imagine it was possible to specify requirements so they are easy to understand, straightforward for developers build, enable project tracking and flag unnecessary features as if a light was shined on the work.

Such an innovation exists. It's called Specification by Example, and it's a process that's been implemented in a number of successful projects for Government agencies, notably MSD and Customs. Results can be phenomenal!

Unfortunately, to get the very best specifications requires massive disruption to the way teams go about their business, it needs dedicated support from leadership and is likely to cause political in-fighting as departmental silos are torn apart.

Talking from his experience at MSD, Customs and in commercial organisations, William Knight will illustrate how the method works, the success that can be expected, and how the likely disruption can be mitigated through exceptional communication, training and change management.

We have limited space for this free event. People who registered for the forum on 16 November which was cancelled and people who work for GOVIS member agencies will be given priority for places.

Lunchtime Forum - 19 October 2016 - Supporting Digital Delivery: How DIA Can Help

Expectations around government services are changing. The pressure is on to deliver seamless, integrated, and trusted digital services, at pace. How can government agencies meet public and government expectations? What have we learnt from recent initiatives like the Flag Consideration Project?

Come along to this lunchtime forum to hear from Laura Sommer, General Manager Government Information Services at the Department of Internal Affairs. Laura will be talking about her team’s new approach to supporting digital delivery across government and how they will be working withagencies and industry to raise quality and efficiency.

Lunchtime Forum - 17 August 2016 - The Integrated Data Infrastructure at Statistics New Zealand

The Integrated Data Infrastructure (IDI) is a large research database containing detailed data about people and households across New Zealand. It combines data from a range of government and non-government organisations. Currently the IDI holds over 166 billion facts, taking up 1.22 terabytes of space – and is continually growing.

Deb Potter and Gabriel Braniff from Statistics New Zealand will introduce us to the IDI and how it is being used to answer complex questions and improve outcomes for New Zealanders.