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Aotearoa New Zealand is part of the OneTeamGov global community of innovators focused on radical public sector reform through practical action. We’re known as OneTeamGovNZ.

Inspired by the set of OneTeamGov principles, OneTeamGovNZ held a series of events and lean coffee style get togethers where we talked about the issues we cared about the most, ranging from what enables cross-agency teams to how do we find issues common across government. These were energising events, and included participation and support from the wider community of innovators who also care about public sector reform (special thanks to Delib, who kindly fed and watered us).

We’ve been quiet for a while because we’ve been heads down contributing to public sector reform, but are delighted to be back with the support of the GOVIS committee. We’re always looking for people who can bring some energy and pizazz to OneTeamGovNZ, so please get in touch with us via Twitter if that sounds like you.

We follow the OneTeamGov Code of Conduct