GOVIS Events - 2019

Lunchtime Forum - 15 April 2019 - Meet the CIOs #4: Tina Wakefield (Min. of Justice)

Come along to the latest of our ‘Meet the CIOs’ lunchtime forums. In this series we hear from information and technology leaders from across the public sector and find out how organisations are using technology and information to meet the needs of citizens and business. How are CIOs leading change? What lessons have they learned? And what does it all mean for information and technology professionals?

This time our CIO is Tina Wakefield, Chief Information Officer and Deputy Secretary, Information & Communication Technology at the Ministry of Justice. She’s the first of our CIOs who is also a DCE, and she’s going to talk about what that means for her, for ICT, and for the Ministry. She’ll also tell us about some of the transformative initiatives that her team have helped to deliver for the Ministry such as the use of audio-visual links to connect courts and prisons and protect vulnerable witnesses, and the development of business intelligence tools to manage court case flow and improve operational effectiveness.

Lunchtime Forum - 15 February 2019 - Is the web broken?

Privacy and the need for improved control of data. Advertising and other forms of monetisation. Large powerful platforms like Facebook and Google. The Great Firewall of China. What does all of this mean for the World Wide Web? Is this incredible 20th century platform now broken? If it is broken, how can we fix it?

Last year Vinton Cerf spoke at a GOVIS lunchtime forum, where he told us the story of the TCP/IP protocol that underpins the infrastructure of the Internet. For this event, we heard hear Markus Luczak-Roesch (Associate Professor from the Victoria University of Wellington) and Ben Creet (Policy Manager at InternetNZ) share their views on the World Wide Web (i.e. the prevailing information space hosted on the Internet).