Since its inception in 1991, GOVIS has evolved from the Government Information Systems Managers’ Forum into a vibrant community of practice, dedicated to serving government employees. This transformation was sparked by the introduction of new standards for interdepartmental electronic communications, which highlighted the need for a collaborative platform for IT professionals. Initially catering to IT managers, GOVIS quickly expanded its reach in 1992 to include a broader spectrum of information professionals, transcending traditional managerial roles.

The journey of GOVIS is marked by milestones that reflect its growing impact. In 1994, the inaugural GOVIS convention at the Lodge at Pāuatahanui set the stage for what would become a hallmark of excellence in professional gatherings. By 1995, the two-day conference format was established, attracting 60 delegates in its first year.  In 2007, GOVIS became an incorporated society under the brand 'GOVIS'. In 2016, GOVIS celebrated its 25th anniversary with a dinner at Te Papa which involved a few of those dedicated public servants that established GOVIS.

The annual two-day conference has been a cornerstone event, attracting 200-250 delegates and a host of generous sponsors. These conferences have consistently provided valuable opportunities for learning and networking, cementing GOVIS's reputation for delivering experiences that are not just enlightening, but also a prudent investment of time and resources for public servants. The Public Service Commission (PSC) recognizes GOVIS as a benchmark for conference experiences, praising its blend of value, expertise, and efficiency. This endorsement is a testament to GOVIS's ability to curate events that are not only informative but also immensely valuable for the professional development of public servants.

GOVIS's ethos is evident in the structure of its leadership, with an elected committee comprising members from various government agencies and the vendor community, ensuring that the organization's direction is truly representative of its constituents' needs. Financially, GOVIS operates on a cost-recovery model, aiming to break even. This approach underlines a commitment to affordability and accessibility, ensuring that the primary focus remains on delivering quality experiences rather than generating profit.

GOVIS continues to support people in local and central government to connect, share and learn about all aspects of information, technology and business process. We aim to meet the evolving needs of public servants and to continue adding value to our community, adapting to a new working culture by diversifying conference structures and increasing lunchtime forums. GOVIS upholds its mission to be a pivotal resource “For us, By us”, enabling government professionals to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of information and technology with confidence and competence.

Chris Butler, NZTA, created the history display for GOVIS 2013
Chris Butler, NZTA, created the history display for GOVIS 2013

Golden Ticket
The golden tickets offered during the GOVIS 25th year anniversary

GOVIS Committee

The current GOVIS committee (2023/2024) has the following members:

  • Mick Crouch (President), Department of Internal Affairs / Archives New Zealand

  • Chris McDowall (Vice President), Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment

  • Christian Redgewell (Treasurer), Honorary Member

  • Finn Russell (Secretary), Commerce Commission

  • Megha Barpande, Land Information New Zealand

  • Natasha J. Stillman, AI & Equity Strategist, F A.I. R 

  • Vlad BojinReserve Bank of New Zealand

  • Jacob Ong, Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment

GOVIS Constitution

GOVIS is an incorporated society. The Incorporated Societies Act 1908 requires every incorporated society to have a set of rules or constitution laying out how the society is run. The constitution for GOVIS is available here.