GOVIS Government Software Testing Professionals Meetup

Thursday 11th July 2024, Ministry of Social Development, 55 The Terrace, Wellington

This time our focus is on Test Data Management – particularly the importance of data security and data privacy. Often testing teams are working with a copy of production data in the test environment. What are the risks of doing this and how can they be managed?

Presenting at this meetup will be speakers on the following topics:

  • The need / requirement / importance of data privacy and security in a central and local government context.

The Office of the Privacy Commissioner will talk on the expectations of the Privacy Commissioner with respect to Government / Citizen data. Why is data privacy and security important in the Government context and why this needs to be actively managed in the testing domain.

  • Techniques / practices for data anonymisation / data masking and ensuring that you don’t get to a situation where you create personally identifiable information (i.e. despite data masking and data anonymisation you still get to a cohort of one).

Data Domain will present on techniques for data anonymisation and masking – and how despite this, you still need to ensure that you are not exposing personally identifiable information.

Each presentation will be approximately 20 minutes. This will be followed by a facilitated discission on current data management techniques and practices across Government test teams – the aim being for those attending to share and learn what is currently being done across New Zealand Government.

Our host for this event will be the Ministry of Social Development, located on the corner of The Terrace and Aurora Terrace. Our timeline for the event is:

  • 4:30pm to 5:00pm: Registration and Networking. Drinks and nibbles will be supplied.

  • 5:00pm to 6:00pm: Presentations.

  • 6:00pm to 6:45pm: Post presentation drinks, nibbles and networking.

We are limited to 50 attendees so please register early to avoid missing out.

Please note this is an in-person event only at this stage.

Come along, be heard, listen and be part of this community. Register here.