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GOVIS is the network of technology and information professionals in NZ central government. On this site you can find out about our networking events coming up, this year's conference and also view our library of past presentations. If your agency is not a member, we invite you to join now.

GOVIS 2015 - Early bird registration is now open

Registration is now open for the GOVIS 2015 conference.

As you're already aware the GOVIS 2015 conference theme is "Building Trust". 

Current events are challenging how citizens and agencies view their relationships with each other.  What does trust mean for Information and Technology professionals within NZ government? How do trusted relationships develop?  How do government agencies work to build trust?  How is trust maintained?  The conference programme aims to tease out how others are faring in answering these questions.  Why not join us by registering your attendance today and encouraging your colleagues to attend.

For more information on the conference check out GOVIS 2015

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